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April 17, 2018


This sounds like a really exciting and challenging teaching adventure, for sure! You'll be GREAT, and I bet you'll really enjoy getting to stretch your Americanist wings a bit!

oooh, this sounds exciting! It looks like you're definitely the right person to be "in between" history and English at your school. I just hope that you can still keep some (or most) of your flexibility while teaching in the more restraining History department! It's very exciting when we have plans that lead us to new areas and adventures in teaching, isn't it?

Glad for you — FGS sounds so exciting, and so cool. Best wishes in dealing with the history department — here’s hoping they don’t spoil the new opportunity.

Wow, I read this post a month ago, but I didn't even remember much of the content, and I clearly read carefully, given my comment above. LOL

In any case, thanks for your comment on my most recent post. It won't be easy on my brother-in-law and the pain (and the medication he's taking for it) is (are) clearly bothering him. Sigh... my mother-in-law, who canceled trips and work to be with him, is pretty worried. We are all comforted by the thought that my father-in-law is not here to see his son suffering. It would have been awful for him (and made it harder for everyone else). I think G_d knew that when FIL passed away. Thanks again for the prayers and support.

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