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March 15, 2018


I reject the "good Jew" label. There are just Jews. However, I'm glad you're inspired to learn Hebrew! The languages that I speak fluently have all been ones I can speak with people (my German and Spanish are much better than my Latin and Hebrew), so from my perspective, the more contact with the spoken language, the better. Wishing you lots of energy for that project!

Servetus, I reject the "good Jew" label as well ... except that I clearly still believe in it at some sub-intellectual level. When I made mistakes the last time I chanted Torah -- which I blew out of proportion and got upset about -- D. scolded me lovingly and asked, "How Jewish are you?" "100% Jewish," I mumbled in reply.

Cool, I love the line of the poem/post title! The whole thing came so well together there! (because you know how to make writing good. ;-) I think you have a really excellent (in the sense of motivation and helping you focus) goal -- regardless of whether you actually get to teach the class or not.

I get it (my conversion was five years behind me before I realized 'you are as Jewish as everyone else here'). But yeah, you ARE 100% Jewish (and not being able to chant Torah arguably puts you in the majority of Jews).

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