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January 01, 2018


I've read Cold Antler on and off for a while. She just seems to make bad decisions a lot, doesn't she? Like firewood: we all know winter is coming, so those who heat with wood should have pretty much a winter's supply on hand, no? (She sort of makes me anxious... It's way colder here, so I hope my pipes don't freeze...)

Anyway, glad you're feeling better.

She totally makes me anxious! I think the reason she doesn't have more winter supplies on hand is entirely financial; she's always just scraping by, often a month or so behind on her mortgage. It's pretty much the same temperatures here as at her farm, but I'm not worried at all about our pipes freezing; I think her farmhouse must be much less insulated (and it is decades older) than our 1929 house).

Good point. But she got a kiva or kickstarter loan thing this summer that was supposed to help her fix up these sorts of things. And the mortgage was all paid up at one point.

I think she's in way over her head. And sometimes I feel that way, too (I think we all do.) I can't imagine not getting a job if things were that bad.

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