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September 17, 2017


I use both Stitcher, which is streaming-only and really excellent (sleep timer, etc.), and iTunes, but with the latter I set each subscription to download only those eps I tell it to.

Following up: you can listen to Stitcher in a web browser on your computer or in a phone app; your Stitcher account (free) keeps your listening synced, so you can start on one device and resume on another.

I use Podcast Addict which only downloads episodes when I tell it to. I listen while driving, cleaning, and exercising.

I use the podcast thing that comes with my phone so I'm really curious about the responses. I also dislike headphones - the hurt my ears! I find that the behind the ear ones and the ones where I can make the ear inserts smaller improve things.

Well, I've just spent a happy hour getting myself set up on Stitcher and rounding up some new podcasts to try. I find it much more user friendly than the standard podcast app on my phone. Thanks for the advice! And I like the idea of listening while I clean, which I find a dreary task.

My major time for podcasts is when I'm at the gym using the elliptical, the treadmill or doing the weights circuit.

I've finally found a pair of earbuds that work for me - some Mpow bluetooth earbuds I got from Amazon last year. The smallest inserts actually feel comfortable so I can enjoy listening as I workout. I don't listen much on my walks because it makes Mike nervous (I think he suspects I'll get hit by a careening car that I don't notice.)

Cleaning is also a good time to listen, or when we're folding lots of laundry or doing a tedious round of cooking in the kitchen. Chopping a whackload of veggies or making a lot of dough seems less of a chore if I have a fun podcast to offset the boredom factor.

I used to use Stitcher but switched to Podcruncher for reasons I no longer recall. I can customize setting so a few of my fave podcasts auto download but mostly I don't download; it also lets me make lists, so if I'm taking a solo car trip I can make a podcast list for the trip.

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