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July 01, 2017


It's seems to me as an Aunt that my niece and nephew got to a point as teens when I just wasn't exciting or interesting. They were still respectful and all, but my presence didn't interest them the way it had when they were younger. So going to X when they were younger was more exciting if I were there, while when they were teens, it didn't get more exciting.

And teens seem to go through a self-absorbed period. (I sure did.)

Smart phones seem to contribute to the behavior, but I saw it before smart phones became available to the kids I was with.

Yes, I think that's true, Bardiac. They're reasonably glad to see us and all, but we're not particularly exciting anymore.

My nieces & nephews range in age from 3 to 10, and I'm dreading the onset of teenagerhood when I see too clearly that I won't be the cool aunt anymore. So I try to remind myself of that inevitable fact, since I don't see any of them very often and occasionally find myself pining for my own quiet childless life during our periods of intense family time together.

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