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May 19, 2017


Congrats on the NEH!

Next time you're going to teach Julius Caesar, let me know! I've got some ideas that may help make it more compelling.

Speaking as someone who had to read JC in 9th grade without benefit of a production to see, I'm with you. Snooze.

Since leaving the university, I've been re-discovering what it is to be a normal middle-brow reader who reads along with what the public library buys (and enjoying the process no end) but I never make myself finish anything anymore. If the book doesn't hold my attention: too bad! I just take it back to the library. So many books, so little time, and I spent a lot of time reading things out of obligation.

Good for you. I think you need some time to recharge and reframe yourself as a reader. By the way, I'm on Goodreads, too, and if you see my profile, you see that I read whatever the heck I want. I almost never list academic books there, just because I don't want the pressure.

I'm glad you want to have more control over what you read. I have been a horrible reader since the advent of blogs and then social media. It's sad. :-( I need to read more.

I just posted a comment in my blog in response of your comment about the swim team:
"What Now? Swim team is four days a week for six weeks for one hour a day between 5:30-7:30 at night (boys swim with two different groups). I do not have to stay at the pool while they practice, but sometimes I do to talk to other parents -- most kids on the team go to our elementary & high school and church.

We may go to two meets (there are 4-5 total) -- those can last 3+ hours and can be annoying -- and the boys will miss the last two weeks. It's good exercise for them. And the coach allows them to not compete if they don't want to (he's a family friend), so it's all good!"

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