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February 05, 2017


Oh no! I'm sorry about the ugly part! I was a chorister in church yesterday and I thought it'd been ok for the opening hymn, but when I reached my seat my son promptly told me, "Mom, you were supposed to say 'You may be seated now'! The pastor behind you had to gesture with his hand for the congregation to sit!" :-(

I'm sorry it was so traumatic for you. I hope that if there's a next time you have tons of time to prepare AND a recording! I'm also sorry for the class nobody is prepared for. It's happening a little bit in my literature class, but I'm trying to email the students several times so they can remember to read before class and do their assignment! (answer some questions about the reading).

I've never had much luck with those adult education / synagogue days if they involve advance preparation from the audience. I haven't done one in several years but the last few I did involved me preparing materials to take for them to work on in class.

re: lehning -- it gets better. It's very brave for you to do it and now you know how much time it takes to prepare, so it'll be better next time and people will notice how much you have improved. One of the consolations of Judaism -- you did the mitzvah. It doesn't matter how badly you did it, you did it. The world is a little better now.

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