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August 20, 2016


Oh, I am so SO sorry to hear about this unexpected scheduling problem! :-( And I'm glad that you were able to use the stress and adrenaline on your veins to clean instead of having ice-cream that one last time. If there is one good side to horrible fights with my husband or sad stressful news is that I go into a cleaning frenzy. Adrenaline makes me go clean. It's almost funny, sigh... I don't wish stress and adrenaline, but I could use some right now because my bedroom is a mess. :-(

That sucks. :(

Don't know what D.'s knee surgery is but I did 2 total knee replacements staggered over 2 summers and recovered with no assistance because I live alone. It wasn't pleasant but it was totally doable and not a problem. If it really bothers you you can also find out about in-patient rehab for a week or so until D. is up and about more securely. Good luck! And don't you wish going back to school was a little further off? I do.

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