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August 24, 2016


Your director of Upper School sounds really great!

Glad to hear things are coming together, and wishing D the best in her surgery and recovery!

She IS really great! My favorite administrator ever, hands down, plus a good human being. I think she gets a lot of credit for how very functional a workplace FGS is. (The middle school, which has a different director, whom I don't really like, has quite a different feel.)

Oh, man. I need to start using that "do you want advice or just listening" line, too! I'm such a solver, and really need to work on just being present and supportive.

I'm glad you have such awesome & supportive colleagues--and will be thinking of you and D!

Exactly, Flavia -- I always go into "how can we solve this?" mode when a friend or colleague talks with me about a problem, but sometimes people just want to express themselves without my taking over. I'm going to remind myself to ask people what they actually want from me before I give them what I think they need!

Oh, I am glad to know that you have a date! And that you will take those days off.

I hope everything works out well!

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