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August 13, 2016


I stopped going to therapy a couple of years ago (I think). I loved my therapist, but then I started having a hard time getting to appointments because I was too busy. She charged me for a missed appointment, and I was like, okay I'm done. (I know that doctors do this, but it pissed me off.) Anyway, I have been thinking about going back again, but I cannot imagine I'll be less busy once school starts, so I'm
trying to bring that therapist's voice into my head again. It is helping somewhat.

Sounds wonderful! I'm happy you're feeling better!


YAY!! Congrats to both of you! This is indeed great to hear and makes me crave finding a good therapist. I am hoping that I will soon, but I want to finalize my relationship with my current therapist because he's not helping me much anymore. I have been seeing him only once a month for the past four months or so, after been in a biweekly schedule for a few months. I don't know if I should just say goodbye to him by saying I need to find someone else or let things happen naturally by simply not having anything else to talk to him about. (I actually have TONS of stuff that I need to work on, but just not with him). I guess that's totally I sign I need to move on.

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