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June 04, 2016


I'm particularly interested in the first couple of volumes (although of course no time to read). The Jewish side of my family were all here before the Civil War, which seems to be very much out of keeping with most American Jewry. How is it that I'm from the South, but the only slave-owning family member I know of was a Jewish shopkeeper in Nebraska? This country is just weird. Or maybe it's my family.

Anyway, I hope you'll share the gems!

Meg, I didn't know you had a Jewish side to your family! Are they German Jewish, by any chance? That's the biggest group that came to the US that early.

I didn't know we were Jewish until I was 13! My maternal grandmother was indeed from German Jewish stock.

Doing lackadaisical genealogical sleuthing together is one of the best ways to spend time at my mother's house. She's more interested in the other side of her family, because that's where her emotional ties are, but I'm more interested in the Jews, because history!

I finished volume 1 last night and will now start on volume 2, keeping an eye out for Nebraskan Jews!

Nebraska, Kansas, Wisconsin, Missouri -- they moved a lot.

I really ought to read it/them too. It's fascinating stuff.

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