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June 03, 2016


quick question, how/when do you do the weight lifting? At home? in a gym? for how long? I DESPERATELY need to do it because I'm so weak that sometimes I have difficulty lifting up a pile of pans and pots from my cupboard!

L, I go to a gym. I'm really fortunate in that there's a KokoFit Club near me: https://kokofitclub.com/locations
It's a half-hour weights workout, with a computer program telling you exactly what to do at each step of the way -- exactly what I need, because I don't like actually having to think when I'm at the gym!

How's the fit plan going? I'm well over fifty now but keep upping the ante. A gym membership and having a dog who requires two walks daily helps. So far I've logged 61 minutes of walking without even getting to the gym which is a must-go three days a week to accommodate Youngest's workout schedule. I'm still not as fit as I'd like but I'm in better shape thanks to these regular requirements.

Janice, I love the photos of your walks on FB! One of the things that I need to pay more attention to is my eating (says the woman who just ate a bowl of cereal for dinner), and that's the challenge for this summer. Plus, I want to start some yoga to get my joints working better.

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