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February 25, 2016


Congratulations on not getting the academic dean position and yet being happy about it!

Is it only me who gets nervous when a superior says, "we've got to find a new challenge for you?" (I worry you might get some weird awful new problem to solve, but maybe that's because my job is always happy to throw whatever they can my way. It's probably different when you trust the leadership.)

I think your boredom summer plan is genius. While my mother was not always full of wisdom to say the least, she did tell me when I was bored or couldn't figure out what to do, I should sit on the couch and do nothing. Unless I'm depressed or really tired and need to recuperate by sitting on the couch and watching something familiar and soothing, I do get bored and figure out something interesting or productive to do pretty quickly.

And maybe we can read that book!

^^What Earnest said about congratulations and such. I'm glad they chose someone who's not exceedingly unqualified or irritating!

I love Earnest's mother's idea about boredom! That's such a smart idea!

Yay on all fronts!

Oh, wow! I'm so glad that your fabulous colleague got the job and not the one that pushes your buttons! And it's good to know that you feel relieved. As for the boredom, I hope something will come up to shake things up at some point for you. Maybe your chair & head of school will find something for you to get involved with!

I'm glad that ONE of the right people got the job! I will be curious to know how the job ends up being constituted this year and whether it will change in any of the ways you think it should.

Always love following your adventures.

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