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February 18, 2016


My lifelong February blues have been worse since mid-life. I think the whole "twenty more years for what" question gets really acute. Hang in there and be good to yourself.

Yeah... jo(e) has the hardest time with February... (but then again, she has very complex & sad family history connected with this month -- car accidents & her brother not talking to her for 8 years... the deep stuff we learn about each other through over a decade of blogging and blog reading, it's marvelous!)

... and before she blogged about it, I'd never thought it was a problematic month, but it is -- at least in the Northern Hemisphere (I think in the Southern H. where I grew up it would be August that it's an "in between month, end of "winter")

I hope the realization that you're having a mid-year crisis can cheer you up a bit! As for mid-life crisis... WOW... I have to work for 25+ years before retiring... sigh...

Hey WN,

Just an idea. I want to read that Sandy Tolan book too, and maybe at some point in the future when we're both into it, we could read it together and talk about it?

Every year I say and believe this: There's a reason why February is the shortest month. Also, it never feels like it's the shortest month. It's so easy to be really edgy and/or depressed in February, especially if you live in a place with real weather. Could this be SAD? I know where I live (more north than you, I'd guess), there's not enough sun and so people end up with major vitamin d deficiencies. Just sayin'.


February is the worst! It's really unfortunate that my Eldest's birthday is in February, because I'm always in a mood the whole month long. Bah!

It's funny how D said that you have an annual mid-year crisis. Hubby makes the same sorts of observations about me too. I never even notice how predictable I am, but when I'm complaining about the same sorts of things at the same times of the year over and over, he points it out and reminds me that I got through it last year and the year before, and I'll get through it again. The predictability is always shocking to me, but to him, it's just the rhythm of the school year.

EE, I'd love to talk about Sandy Tolan's book with you! It could be a havruta thing!

Yay!!! Sounds great!

I thought about Jo(e)'s February post when I read yours--here's hoping for a happier March, and the grace to muddle through until things open up. And I also thought of Dar Williams' wonderful song about February: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yy-v-UgNhuI

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