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January 06, 2016


Many, many congratulations! May you be richly blessed!

Felicitations and happiness! (I'm sure there's a traditional greeting, but alas, I don't know it, so I'll wish you all happiness in your continuing path.)

I kinda got chills reading this! Very happy for you.

That's beautiful. I'm so happy for you!

This is all kinds of awesome. Mazel tov!


It has been great to see this story unfold. Congratulations on making it to the end!

Awww... this is so marvelous! Especially considering how jittery you were before, particularly about having invited your colleagues. It's great to look back and see how it all worked out so well, isn't it!?

May you be blessed in this continuing journey of faith that now is much more real to you!

Mazel tov and welcome to the responsibility of the mitzvot!

Oh WN, I am so sorry I'm only tuning it to this now, but Mazel tov, mazel tov, mazel tov! I'm so happy for you!

Imagine, this will be your first Passover (which I think of as the biggest and most important holiday of the year -- a riveting story, great food, and a recommitment to helping others who are oppressed -- I love it!) as a Jew! Yay!

(Stupid story: we couldn't find Chanukah candles ANYWHERE in our area. ANYWHERE. Can we say a collective OY!)

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