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November 29, 2015


Ugh. Good luck with the grading. I'm sympathetic on the puzzle issues. My mother-in-law has the puzzle set up on a well-lit basement table where everyone can go take turns at it. It's a nice escape and no one tells anyone else how to do it (which is how it always seems to end up when we're all around the table together).

I am so sorry! Those poor girls -- can you imagine what voices they're going to have in their heads telling them that they can do absolutely nothing? My goodness! I'm glad you're their aunt and so they'll be able to escape to you!

At least it's over, and you'll be able to enjoy the holidays (Chanukah! and New Years!) in peace.

We didn't go anywhere, but that doesn't mean there wasn't drama via text on Wed night! Oy!

Hang in there! The holidays are coming!

EE, D. and I work very hard to be a different voice in the girls' heads! I know well what it's like to spend years trying to reprogram one's brain, and I don't want them to have to do that. Fortunately, they have a calm, sane parent (something my brother and I didn't really have), so they already have a voice that says that they're fabulous and loved and going to be just fine. D. and I just try to echo that sane voice.

Sorry to hear about your Wednesday night text drama! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving despite it.

I have, in recent years, developed a jaunty little holiday aphorism, the black humor of which keeps me going:

"It's not Christmas until somebody cries."

I think next year, I'll cross-stitch samplers.

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