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May 03, 2015


Yeah, do calm down! In the grand scheme of things it is not that important, and the more praying you do, the more it will make sense. Plenty of converts and born Jews are not that great it at. Lots of Jews in the US can't read it at all.

I'm studying a difficult foreign language, too. Unlike you, I have no reason whatsoever to study it. (Someone said "You want to take a class?" And I said "sure.") I used to get all worked up about how poorly I was doing at it. Then I discovered I could usually study for roughly half-an-hour before getting upset and confused. So I don't try to do anything more than that. Half-an-hour of OK study is not going to make me fluent any day (or ever, really) but it is better than tearing my hair out and starting to hate and fear the whole thing.

Totally with you, Veronica! I definitely have a limit, and a pretty short one at that. And I need to just start planning to do no more than a half-hour, which is about one exercise in the Hebrew book, at a time.

And thank you for the reassurance, Servetus. Hebrew is a sticky point for me because it's one of the major reasons that I didn't start on this conversion path earlier. I was just so convinced that I couldn't learn a new language at this point in my life that I thought I shouldn't even bother trying to be Jewish. That is obviously foolish thinking -- as you point out, lots of Jews in the US don't know Hebrew -- but now Hebrew is part of what I want to get comfortable with on this journey. But there's no particular rush!

I'm sorry you're feeling stressed and I hope you can learn in the pace you feel comfortable with without rushing.

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