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April 11, 2015


Good for you guys! Remember this next time, or don't let there be a next time...

I'm working toward there not being a next time! One of the things that Mint does is let you set up a goal, and so I have paying off our credit cards as our one and only goal right now. That feels so much more do-able after last night.

OH, that is all kinds of awesome!!! I HATE dealing with money with a passion and, to make matters worse, I dread to have a budget and feel constrained if I'm not be able to spend a little money on things (cheap, bargain things most of the time, mind you! ;-)

I think K is right, however, we need to be better about budgeting. But I feel such panic! Sigh... We always have some small debt, on and off, but it's for good reasons such as buying a new car, buying plane tickets for international travel (both right now) and, in the past, refinancing the house and new furniture. I wish we didn't have the debt, though, and that we could have some decent savings, which we don't. Sigh... That's why thinking I could lose my job at U#2 stresses me out big time.

CONGRATS to you and D for being able to do this and making resolutions to be better about it in the future. K uses Mint as well and he likes it.

Way to go!

It's one of those things that's easier if you keep on top of it, no?

About six years ago I took over the family money management single-handedly. I still keep Mike informed, obviously, but I do all of the bill-paying and all of the budgeting as to what we can afford. I find it stressful but not as stressful as he does OR, and this is important, as stressful as we would feel working together.

The important part is to face your money management issues directly and take charge. Sounds as if you've done just that so hooray to D and to you!

Taking on the control of my finances alone in this new period of my life has been stressful but liberating at the same time--I feel so much better about my finances even though I'm nervous about the actual amount of money I have to deal with, if that makes sense. Congratulations on making such strides in your economic health!

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