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December 11, 2014


It sounds like you said some things that really needed to be said, and that there will be better changes as a result. Good work!

I'm glad that you are the speaker-outer! You do your students and your colleagues proud!

I tend to speak up too. I always worry less about what I'm saying and more that I'll get a reputation of being a complainer who is a problem to work with. So far, it seems like I manage to say what everyone is thinking but are too timid to say. As long as I'm on the right side of history, I think I'm ok. Here's to being bold!

It's hard work but important work, for students, faculty and the school, to stay engaged on so many fronts. Good for you for bringing this forward but I hope that you give yourself some serious kudos for the stress and strain!

I do the same thing at my large, suburban public high school and suffer mightily for it. I'm proud and happy to know that you are doing this at your school. Too many teachers have caved in, effectively silenced by fear and downright abuse. Administrators must cover up, hide, shove under the rug, and deny the many social ills that affect our jobs every day. I will always believe that honesty, integrity, and plain-speak will prevail. Even when it clearly doesn't.

I agree with everyone that you're being an asset to the school and your colleagues by speaking out. I imagine it must be very hard, but also necessary. I found it peculiar that the older teacher decided to stop speaking up, I wonder what else is behind his/her motivation to do so!

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