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December 21, 2014


How could I not have realized before how Jewish you are? Every bit of this sounds right up your alley! I am glad you are having such a good time with Torah study. Please keep pushing past those feelings of discomfort! You belong there if it's where you want to be.

P.S. What version are you using?

Thanks, MS! I'm reading the JPS Tanakh. I totally meant to keep up with the Torah reading ... and then I totally failed to meet that goal. But I'm using winter break as my catch-up period, with the goal of being up to speed by this Saturday morning, when the next Torah study meets.

It always surprised me, how much Torah study or shiur is NOT like Bible study. I also had the feeling for probably five years after converting that I needed to be quiet in groups of Jews.

Yes, I've been trying to figure out exactly what it is about shiur (thanks for teaching me that word!) that's different from Bible study. Of course, my experience is limited to my synagogue this past year, but some of it seems to be how one expresses reverence -- by analyzing and arguing with, rather than by accepting without argument.

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