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November 19, 2014


Oh golly! (couldn't manage to come up with anything else to say!) I hope you can avoid such strains and feel more at peace in the next two days.

Oh....that is a lot. Hope you are finding ways to cozy yourself.

Hang in there. Gratified to hear that FGS does not tolerate bullying, though.

Wow, that's a lot of hard stuff to deal with, all there. I'm so saddened by the bullying, especially.

Maybe a sick day? No, just kidding. We all know those create more work.

What a hard day! Sending you hugs with my mind.

I hope things went better today... and that the weekend is restful!

Well, I don't know how the weather is out by you, but by us it's been snowy, the kind of day that is only meant for indoors, steaming cups of something wonderful, and a book. So I hereby declare Saturday a snow day. No phone. Just some wonderful book. It really is time to curl up and get cozy in a hidey-hole and not come out for a while. (This is my prescription for myself, but since I have this six-year old who frustrates all plans, I give it to you. Use it in good health!)

I'm sorry. What a hard week!

you comfort the crying student,if i was in a teching post i wont want to see my studenst in distress :)

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