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March 17, 2014


I resonate with this - whenever i visit my mom, one night (usually the last night we are together) she gets drunk and goes off on things I've done wrong - ways I've been disappointing. All I can do is sit there and go blank.

By the way, you spelled bus with two s (buss) - just thought it was kind of funny for the head of an english department! :)

I'm sorry that your mother can be so terribly difficult. I hope you have had time during the week to rest and recuperate and otherwise spring forward!

Etta, I'm now laughing about that typo, since of course bussing is about the opposite of throwing someone under the bus!

The rest of spring break was in fact weighed down by this episode, but now we're back to school; there's something comforting about being back to the routine -- harder to obsess about family!

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