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December 09, 2013


My sister takes DC1. :)

Glad everything turned out ok!

I did the same. exact. thing.
15 passenger van. Washington, DC. Lower and raise suspension.
Unfortunately, I had 10 college students as witness, and will probably never live it down!

Susan, I cannot even begin to tell you how much it makes me feel better to know that you did the same thing. I'm not alone!

I won't get a rooftop bike rack for my bike because I know FOR CERTAIN that I'd try to drive it into my garage. No question.

And when I put a kayak on my car roof, I put a lawn chair in front of my garage door so that I can't possibly drive in without getting out of the car to move it (at which point I tend to remember why I put the chair there).

As I pointed out to a friend who had a similar experience with a newly-purchased SUV picked up and driven cross-country after returning from an overseas posting, this is yet another reason you don't put the dog's crate on the roof of the car (their dogs were in the inside back; the luggage was on top. I can't remember whether they almost or actually scraped off the roof rack, but yes, it happens).

I'm glad the sensible administrator was on duty. Among other things, that kept you in a much better state to drive the girls safely home again.

I've definitely seen this happen to other people, and I'm sure it would happen to me if I were ever to take the wheel of something much taller than I'm used to. Big congratulations to you for staying cool!

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