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November 24, 2013


You poor thing! Our CMS has an adequate grade system that I use to "push" marks to students, even when they submitted on paper. I'm working to use that for an always accessible version of the grades. But you will have to pry my Excel spreadsheet out of my cold dead hands if you ever want to get that old-fashioned gradebook out of my hands. I have it set up with formulas and everything so that it will do calculations nicely and spew out the class averages on various assignments and so forth.

I encrypt the file and have it back up on my personal FTP server daily. I used to keep it on Dropbox but I got worried about their security. The administration is very concerned recently about security, we're rolling out all sorts of new password requirements, and I'm sure that they would have a kitten if they knew I was backing it up into the "cloud", even with such precautions. But, like you, I also fret about how vulnerable my tech can be to disaster.

Yay cookies?

Yay cookies, indeed--I hope you have had some restorative time between this post and now!

I used to use EasyGradePro also, but this year, we switched to using Blackbaud as our school management system, which includes FAWeb, a gradebook/attendance program that is pretty useful. After all that mess, I might consider switching to Excel or paper, both of which I have colleagues using because they're afraid of mishaps like this. I hope you find a workable solution soon!

Oh, man. That hurts.
Another Excel person here, with grades also posted in Bb for students' reference. I just show what percent they got on each assignment, though, not the total grade, which Excel does per the overall weighting I decided on originally.

I recently lost some data on my iPad too...and found out that it didn't always back up b/c I didn't check to make sure wifi was connected when I started to charge it. Who knew?

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