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August 23, 2013


I was just out for dinner with Tiruncula, who asked if I'd heard D's good news. So I squealed then and will squeal again now.

So happy for both of you!

Hurrah -- Flavia, I love to think about you and Tiruncula hanging out together, and even more that D's good news was part of the conversation. Hurrah!


Woohoo! I am so so happy for you both! Yay!!!!!

Ohmygosh! How great to come to the computer and find this awesome news. YES!!!! Congratulations to D and to you!

Yay!!!! Congrats to D!!


Congratulations! I'm so happy for you both. New adventures await!

I know!! Totally new adventures for both of us -- her with the adventure of a new job in a new school and basically a new profession; me with the adventure of maybe learning to relax a little. I think that it will take time for both of us to feel confident in letting go of the burden we've been carrying around for such a long time.

That's fabulous news! Hurray!

Major congrats!! Very happy for you both!!

Awright! I know this has been a long, long road for you both. Congratulations a million times over.

And I hope the sense of stability that will come from D's job will mean that you can have the mental space to plan more of the fun kind of adventures in Adventure City. :)

YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such awesomeness!!!! So glad for you both!

Hurrah! What a wonderful reward for her (and your) persistence!

YAY!! That's great news, congrats to D!!

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