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August 04, 2013


Keeping my fingers crossed that D gets something more settled and that the two of you get some real vacation before the term starts, either way!

Summer is so hard too because expectations run so high. I hope D does get a full time offer so then you can save up a bunch of money and really vacate properly in 2014!

Parallel lives! Between R taking the bar this summer and then embarking on his (so far fruitless) job hunt, this summer has not been the restful and re-energizing span of time I had hoped it would be. But there have been a lot of bright spots too, and I'm certainly feeling very thankful for my own job/career these days! Keeping my fingers crossed for D and hoping she finds something amazing soon.

I'm sorry that this has been a less than awesome summer. Can you and D do something to change up the pattern--a day trip, a pajama day, a movie marathon--so that there is something different happening before the school year starts for real? And my fingers, too, are crossed for jobs and money!

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