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August 17, 2013


Wow, that's a lot of evaluations to do. You might ask if one of them, ahem, Co-Author's, could be put off to next year given that this is an unusually heavy load and all that.

I'm glad that, otherwise, things are proceeding pretty well with the tech day and the to-do lists helping along.

Congratulations on the success of technology day!

We have recently moved to a system where everyone gets evaluated every year, but somewhat more briefly and in a more streamlined way than in the past. I'm sure it will still take oodles of time, though.

And awesome job staying calm about cranky Co-Author.

I used to have that fear of running out of agenda items at meetings too soon....but you know what? No one minds going home early, and I've earned the reputation for running very efficient meetings. So it's all good :)

Your high school has a larger English department than my college! Sounds like a lot of work to do. I keep thinking I'd be a great department chair, but hearing all that you have to do makes me want to defer to others. :)

Good luck with everything. The continued tension with co-author is cringe worthy. Ugh!

Fie, my HS has a larger department than St. Martyr's did as well! Here's the difference: In high school, every single student has to take English all four years, unlike in college, when departments are competing for majors. So being an English teacher is pretty good for one's job stability at the high school level.

And Janice, I hadn't even thought about the possibility of maybe putting off some of those evaluations until next year, but it's a good idea to keep in mind. After all, one of the faculty members is in his 30th year, and Co-Author is in her 24th -- I don't know that these are urgent evaluations, unlike those for the new folks. It's something to talk with the Academic Dean about -- thanks for the suggestion.

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