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June 30, 2013


I love your term "globalizing"--I tend to do this sometimes too (pops up a lot when I think about my marriage, for example), and now I'll have a shorthand for asking myself whether this is really a "global" issue or one I've made global in my own head. So thanks for that, and congrats on your epiphany!

Yeah, I'm a globalizer too. It is a bad habit. I frequently recognize that I'm only seeing in black and white, though, and I try to correct it. OMG, it's hard to correct. What really helps me though is when I talk to students who are very binary thinkers, and I think to myself, "Don't think in black and white, Fie. It's a total regression of your maturity and cognitive skills." Stilllllll hard, though.

It is really hard not to globablize sometimes!

The whole rudeness over acknowledging job apps and responding those not chose really bugs me--in the age of email how hard can it be to have a simple "We received your materials" or "thanks but we have candidates better suited or whatever" messages ready to send out. Just seems like common courtesy.

Of course the very first academic interview I went on ended the same way -- no thanks for coming, no we've hired someone else, nothing. Luckily I didn't really want that job and landed a much better one, but really people? You know better. (Same interview where at lunch the faculty wanted to gossip about faculty at my grad u. UGH.)

*not chosen...

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