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January 17, 2013


Yes. We all need a reminder to shut up sometimes. I think I'm going to need that in my Shakespeare class. The students are very eager, and so am I. Eek! Perfect storm. It can be a fantastic class experience when everyone is so excited. It's just trying to manage it can be tough.

Love this description--my mother always says that teachers are the worst students! We are adding Persepolis to our ninth grade curriculum next year, so I'd love to hear more about that part of your workshop. The "person who thinks for a living" would have been the phrase that made me turn against her for good--so snobby!

It turns out that one of my colleagues took this same seminar a couple of years ago with the same woman ... and loved her! So maybe I'm super-persnickety and judgmental (or I guess there's no maybe about it). But then again, this colleague has less ego than really anyone I know, so maybe it didn't bother her to have the leader talking right over people; and certainly I don't have the biggest ego ever, but I do have enough that I don't like to be interrupted.

I read this post at school and couldn't respond then, but I think you're way more patient than I would have been.

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