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January 11, 2013


That's great news!

This made me cry tears of joy.

That's awesome! Good luck to her!!!

That all sounds very promising!

Hurrah for D! Hoping this is the beginning of a productive & happy new career phase.

Hooray! That's great news. It must be such a relief for her to have a new possibility before her!

I swear in the last three years of hiring--we're growing--all of the new hires with comparable experience have imploded. I don't think that criterion is terribly helpful at all!

Good luck to you and D! This sounds like a great move.

That's great news and I'm so glad that your Chair was so helpful.

Oh, that is such great news all around! So happy for you and D both. I came to my school as a maternity leave sub with no prior independent school experience (but a few good connections), so it can definitely happen!

This is wonderful! So good to hear that she's getting such good support from your department chair, too.

That is such great news! Crossing my fingers for further good developments.

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