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December 29, 2012


Aw, try not to beat yourself up about the perceived lack of local friends. I'm about the same age as you and still have the same problem. Like you, I'm extroverted enough to need a little more interaction with different people, but not extroverted enough that it all comes naturally.

Have you thought about dipping your toe into the Meetup waters? I think I might try out one of the local Meetup groups that focuses on hiking.

And I try to remind myself about this too, but part of my problem is that the societal cues are that everyone should have lots of friends. It's caring about the "should" part that gets me into trouble. I'd like to make more friends for lots of practical reasons and for fulfilling emotional needs, but I try not to succumb to the insidious messages that because I'm not partying it up with five different friends every weekend, I'm a loser.

Best of luck in shaking the winter doldrums, and all good wishes for a happy new year. :)

AnglicanMouse has a good point! I think that one of the weird things about having a job that takes a lot of social energy is that for a lot of us, it's too much to put out much more social energy on top of that, which means that it's mostly during breaks that we notice the lack of other places to expend it.

Is there someone at school that you'd like to pursue an actual outside-school friendship with? I'm considering that as a project for the new year...not sure whom to target, though!

Wishing you the lifting of the doldrums and a very happy New Year!

I wish I were close, or you were close! I went out eagle hunting today (with a camera), and I'd have enjoyed company. Can you get out and do some exercise outside? I find that helps me a LOT.

And what ^^ they said, above.

And happy new year! I hope it's a good one!

It's really hard to make friends in your mid-40s! Much empathy...

Good advice up here....this is a hard time of year for teachers. I find the combination of my own exhaustion plus the expectation that it's Holidays! Fun! Whee!! to be overwhelming sometimes.

I so hear this... I look forward so much to vacation, and then I always hit the blue stretch about the same time you do. I sleep worse, I get cranky, and then I feel stupid and guilty because I'm supposed to be ENJOYING this time! I kind of wish that vacations were shorter but we had a few more of them.

P/H, you are SO right! Time off is refreshing and wonderful -- but only for so long. I'd love to have every break be a week long, but have multiple breaks scattered throughout the year.

And I've actually been thinking along similar lines to Mean Something, about trying to take some of my school relationships into the realm of outside-of-school relationships. I even know whom I'm going to start with; now I just have to make it happen.

Thank you all for the supportive comments. After venting here on Saturday night, I did have much better days yesterday and today -- partly because the sun was shining yesterday and I could get outside, which helped enormously (as Bardiac notes). I'm planning to do more of that tomorrow as well, if it warms up a little.

Plus, tomorrow is the start of 2013, which surely will be better than this craptastic year that's now ending.

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