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October 07, 2012


I like that by having electronic copies of their papers, I can always refer to them as needed. You know, review them before a meeting about a paper, or look for trends that they need to fix in their writing.

On the organization view: I started scanning the intro paragraph and putting them into A, B, C folders initially, then adjusting from there. Not quite the same as putting into stacks, but a similar process.

I find that when I use Word's comment feature to respond to student work, I write differently than when I just use a pencil to make marginal notes. In theory, it's the same action--responding at a particular point in the student essay. But in practice--perhaps b/c there is more room in the comment box?--I find myself writing more conversationally. I *like* the way I comment better when I respond electronically. And even though I've noticed that, I don't make the conversational shift with pencil responding. Not sure if this is more about the technology or more about me, but still....

I was going to say the same thing as Tanya about having copies; that's handy. I also like her sorting idea. Or is there a way to attach tags to filed on the ipad (I don't have one)? That would be sort of like sorting in stacks.

Susan, when I'm having my AP Comp students write drafts before they write a final version, I often have them email me the draft and then I respond by email. I find myself being *very* conversational with them in that circumstance, which I like because it's functioning as a conference of sorts. Also, responding in that way keeps me from getting too focused on minutiae and keeps me thinking at the global level about argument, organization, evidence, etc. All of which is to say -- yes, I've found that too!

Thanks for the grading strategy, Tanya. I'll give it a whirl this week. This new grading adventure begins tomorrow! (This is perhaps the first time ever that I've actually looked forward to getting a stack of papers to grade!)

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