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October 19, 2012


That sounds like a great success all around!

I'm glad that you've devised a good system. I love to mark papers using my netbook. It's so much easier to track materials there and comment on all the papers. But you're correct that it isn't easy for the students to learn how to follow directions. Mine still have problems getting the right format for papers and they're in first year university!

Um, my graduate students (some with previously earned graduate degrees elsewhere) are still thrown for a loop when I ask them to correctly title a PDF.

I love what you're doing with this, and wish I had the notability program--is it pricey? Oh, wait you probably got it with the ipad. Still...all round coolness. My handwriting totally deteriorates after grading more than one or two papers, so this would be nice.

The Notability program is only $.99 -- quite the bargain! -- but I think it is strictly an iPad app, because it runs on IOS rather than OS. But if you have an iPad, I would absolutely recommend getting it!

I'm enjoying these grading posts, WN, and have downloaded Notability in addition to all the other apps to give it a try with grading.

Very interesting to read this! I still grade by hand (though this could change if someone were to offer me an iPad), but on selected papers I type and attach a longer comment. Having those to refer to as I write college recs is very helpful (also helpful, of course, is looking back to see what I said on previous papers. They have portfolios in which they keep their past essays, but those aren't always to hand).

Thanks for the link to "Grading and Its Discontents." I'll be sharing that with my students, too!

When you have 10-15 minutes to spare, I would encourage you to do a quick edit of this post, and email it to your development director. I'd betcha a quarter that s/he will be thrilled to have a "testimonial" to share with the donor!

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