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October 06, 2012


Get a stylus. Then you can write your notes out longhand. I don't have a keyboard and just have the Smart Cover. I'd like to get a better one. I have two other apps that make use of the stylus: explain everything and show me. I like the latter slightly better. My plan was to use them to flip my classroom but that hasn't quite happened yet. I also recently got scratchworks for viewing a web site and taking notes side by side. Haven't used it yet, but I am excited about it.

As for my bag, I got an iPad sized one at target. I has slots for pens, credit cards, chargers, etc. I think that's why I don't have a cover. The bag is doing most of what a cover would do.

I have a wireless keyboard, but I really only use it for traveling (when I might want to write a blog post or a longer letter). Other than that, you do just get better at using the screen board.

I have found that the ipad fits in a lot of my existing bags already.

I have a simple folio style black cover, that I use because I preach off the ipad, and it's the least obvious option.

I have the Apple wireless keyboard and like it quite a bit and it's light. I've never seen the Origami case but that looks cool, too. Like you, I don't reallly like the other cases w/keyboard built in; then it just seems like a small laptop.

I've never tried a stylus....that might be cool, too.

FGS won't pay for the accessories, too? :)

No, FGS gives us the iPad itself, but everything else is on us! (It's actually a donor who's giving us the iPad through the school.) So this is one of those free gifts that's costing me quite a bit in the end. But still, I now have an iPad, and there's no way I would have bought one myself.

Apparently Five Below is a good source for inexpensive styluses. (It sounds like an extreme weather/sports store, but it's a $5-and-below store.) I think I'm going to trek over today and pick one up.

And Laura, I'll look forward to checking out the apps that you mention here!

Didn't see the bag question before...my criteria for purses these days is that they must be big enough for the iPad to fit inside. That's the beauty of the iPad v. a laptop--or one of them anyway :)

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