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August 07, 2012


This is a lovely post, although it doesn't contain easy answers. I definitely see myself wanting to move into administrative positions at some point but I know I need more experience. I want to move toward it, though, and I'm not sure I know how. So this is helpful (and hopeful). I'll give it time for now.

Meanwhile, it would not surprise one little tiny bit if male faculty were paid more than female faculty at my school. Much as I love CDS (and I really do), it would not surprise me.

Wow, 97 is a big class!

I've dipped a toe into college counseling, and I can see why it's a pathway to administration, at least at our school: you're dealing with parents and students, but also with teachers (recommendations, etc) and administrators (trustees, division heads, admissions), in a relatively high-pressure part of what college prep schools do. Our brother school has several faculty members who are part-time in English and part-time in CC, so it's crossed my mind as well.

We have a position similar to what you are calling "academic class dean" as well, but we don't have an assistant to the US head--I'm curious about that position does. Do you have a dean of students as well?

Jackie, we have both a dean and an assistant dean of students (remember that many of our students board on campus, so we have more layers of student affairs than a day school would). How did you find the parental pressure part of college counseling? It's the part I think I'd find most difficult about that option.

Anastasia, I'm looking forward over the next few years to seeing how you and I and Jackie and Laura and Mean Something all shape our careers -- these are options that weren't clearly on the table when we were in grad school!

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