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February 24, 2012


Thanks for the update. I hope things continue to go better! I'm looking forward to hearing about your trip to Africa!

Glad you are feeling better! Do take those snacks with you and enjoy your trip.

Re: iron pills and stomach issues...

I had the best luck with just the straight little red iron pills. They're generic (prescription) and cheap compared to the fancier versions that my stomach couldn't handle. The problem with them is you can't consume dairy within a 2 hour window of taking them. But they were a lot better on my stomach. I don't remember what they're called, but they weren't wrapped in with anything else.

Good luck!

Thanks, Nicoleandmaggie -- I appreciate the tip! And my doctor seems very amenable to talking about pros and cons of various medications/approaches, so I'll bring this up with her next week when the test results come back.

So glad you are feeling better! I'm curious to hear more about your iron supplements. I got a vague anemia diagnosis many years ago, but hearing you talk more about your symptoms makes me wonder if I should revisit the issue with a doctor, or if there's something OTC I could take.

Wow, that was scary. I am glad that the solution seems pretty straightforward and even more happy that your doctor is so very helpful and congenial. Isn't it nice when doctors treat patients as thinking individuals and not simply cases?

Still, take care and look into iron-rich foods that you might like to eat besides relying on the pills. Dried apricots are surprisingly helpful on that front!

So happy to read this good news. Politica had the out-of-breathness with her anemia, too. It seemed so freaky at the time but was just so easy to fix with the iron supplements. Hope yours is the same.

And I can't wait to hear about South Africa!

I'm so glad to know you're okay! It sounds as though it was a scary and distinctly unpleasant experience.

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