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November 05, 2011


interfolio is a credential file system--secure storage of original transcripts, letters of rec, etc. It's cheap, effective and has become the preferred method of application for some institutions. Also, a lot of grad schools are no longer hosting their own inhouse credential files and instead just sending students to interfolio (which is what we do. and we actually pay for the first year, too).

Higher ed (or academia generally) feels like a foreign world to me, too. Sometimes I think, "Why did I used to worry about all that stuff??" ;-)

(Though amusingly enough I did just look at the H-Net Job Guide last week out of curiosity, probably a similar impulse to yours. There's even a local(ish) job on the list, and I had about 30 seconds of wondering whether I would want to do that - and then I realized I couldn't even imagine walking into a classroom again. As well as thinking there would be no way I could even put together an application. Even though I didn't want to. And have a job through fall 2013 anyway!)

English Ed. jobs are usually not advertised on the JIL. Where I am, you'd work in the English dept, not the Ed school (so better students and [I like to think] colleagues); it's not easy to get people with all the kinds of experience necessary for the job, so that might work for you. OTOH, lack of experience with public school teaching could be a potential drawback, and it's usually important to hire someone with strong ties to the area already, because they have to do a lot of outreach to h.s. teachers who don't have time or patience for fancy-pants theorists, so it's not easy to use this sort of job change as a way to change geographic area. But in terms of time and exhaustion, I bet you're better off staying put.

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