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October 19, 2011


Without hearing all the rest, I have to say, kudos to you for using your interactions with parents, teachers, administrators, etc to the good. The email was smart. The lunch conversation was smart. Good job!

Ditto Hypatia's comment! Also, the five-year parallel is a really smart observation - I keep learning examples about how our bodies remember those cyclical kinds of things in ways our conscious minds aren't aware of, but they can really affect us. Glad everything worked out well, & looking forward to reading about how!

*I* know you'll be better in Part II -- you'll be VINDICATED! I look forward to the gratifying conclusion.

Oh, the suspense! ;)

I know, though, how awful it is to have people complaining and inciting ill will behind your back...and to still have to carry on as normal. It's exhausting both emotionally and physically. I hope the next installment has this drama being stopped in its tracks.

I'm not surprised that the students went to the major admin after not getting the response they wanted from the other. I'm glad that all three of you saw that as problematic behaviour on their part. The students KNOW they should start with the teacher and yet they try to do an end-run in order to avoid confrontation and 'win' without having to face the reality of student and teacher interactions.

I wonder if you're going to find your teaching changed for that class not so much by the behaviour of the complainants but coming from the realization about the popular/geeky dichotomy in the classroom?

I often don't catch the popular/geeky thing at first either, and I'm not as good as some colleagues are about knowing the social dynamics outside of the classroom-- I often don't know who's friends with who unless they tell me or I teach them at the same time! Looking forward to Part II, when our plucky heroine sallies forth, flags flying!

Echoing the sentiments above, and can't wait to read the denouement.

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