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August 15, 2011


We handle reading during the year very much like you do, all canonical, no recreational. One of my colleagues has given students extra credit for reading a book over breaks before, and I've thought about doing that, and I've also tossed around the idea of doing what you're doing: food for thought, for sure.

As for the question of study guides and their (lack of) utility, I think you know where I stand on this, and can attest to what you speak of in your colleagues as well (intentionally vague, as befits a non-pseudonymous blogger like myself!). I've had this book in my wishlist, so I think I'll do myself a favor and strike it off now!

Jackie, with my 9th graders I have for the past couple of years made their winter break reading assignment a fun book of their own choosing, but I'm excited about expanding that commitment this year and emphasizing that fun reading can happen during school.

Of course, I then need to make the same commitment myself and keep fun reading a part of my own life this school year! (I sense hypocrisy right around the corner, waiting for me.)

Overall, I think you can definitely cross Readicide off of your reading list -- this review has probably given you all the info you would have gotten from reading the book. (But I'm happy to send you the one-page recreational reading sheets that I adapted from Gallagher's book. Just drop me an email if you want them.)

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