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June 02, 2011


That's a toughie. I'd be inclined to go ONLY if I could fly. That's too much of a drive for an award!

If you bring your mother to the event, it's a wee bit embarrassing, but also gives you a built-in excuse to parachute in and out. And it would probably give her a positive memory to chatter on and about.

But that's looking at it all from the outside - I can't really know what it's like for you.

It sounds to me like you really don't want to go, and that going/not going doesn't make much difference in your life.

It's okay not to do things you don't want to do. Also, it's your life, not your mother's.

ask for the money to fly.
10 hours is too far to drive!

I'm inclined to vote for the go if FGS will pay for the plane ticket option, on the theory that the end-of-school feeling is generally against this kind of thing, but that you'll be glad you went IF you don't tire yourself out doing it. How does that sound?

Congratulations! I would probably bail, but then, I tend to go the self-protective route when it comes to spending my limited reserves of social energy (which are always depleted at this time of year!). Good luck either way!

Congratulations! (I'm lousy with advice, sorry.)

Congratulations on winning the award. That is awesom. I'm going to vote with don't go but only because my knee-jerk response is that one "should" go and one should work against "shoulds." How is that for convoluted, circuitous advice?

Oh, wow - a much belated congrats!!

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