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June 09, 2011


I, too, found EndNote cumbersome back in the day, especially in its handling of medieval texts and unpublished sources. The real problem was that notes created with EndNote citations in them routinely got borked when I did my usual f.n. splitting and lumping. That was a decade ago, though, and there are lots more options out there now - about which I have nothing useful to say. It does seem to me that one of the systems that lets you store your bibl in the cloud, rather than having to maintain an onsite database, would be a good thing. There's Zotero, which I haven't really gotten to work properly for me, and RefWorks, which I like well enough but the passwords for which I keep forgetting. I hope others weigh in. Mind if I tweet your post to direct knowledgeable folks over here?

(Digression: How great a word is "cumbersome"? How come I never noticed this till now?)

Carin, tweet away! (There's a technology that I've decided not even to venture into; somehow that's the limit for me.)

Have you tried the bibliography manageer in Word? I haven't, but many students have and seem to like it.. I like the idea of not having a separate program.

"...since I'm weird and enjoy proofreading." And that, dear WN, is one of the many reasons we are friends -- because I am the exact same sort of weird!

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