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March 28, 2011


I started WW for my Lenten discipline and I'm pretty sure I'll need to be on it forever...but the good thing about WW is that that seems possible.

And....8 pounds lost so far! But MANY more to go.

You know, I'm sore tempted to apply. But I know nothing about HS teaching, and I have England for fall semester... but sorely tempted nonetheless.

Oooo, let me know how it goes! I did it with juniors--it would be interesting to compare.

I WISH we did that professional day re-introduction. It seems so civilized.

The rest of the year will fly by! Hope it's a great ride!

Two weeks? A two-week spring break? Oh, I like the idea of that.

A two-week spring break really is fabulous. It gives us time to get work done and also to relax and have fun, and by the time school rolls around again, most students as well as teachers are actually ready to come back full-force.

The downside is that it's just enough time for our bodies to readjust to our preferred sleep schedule (which for most of us doesn't involve bounding out of bed quite so early), and also for teachers to get out of the teaching habit, which means that the first day back is especially tiring. But by tomorrow we'll all be back in the swing of things and much more rested than we were in early March. We still have 10 weeks left to go, so we needed to re-energize!

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