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February 20, 2010


I've been thinking this weekend about how difficult it is to know whether "fun" is actually going to be fun or not, so I'm fascinated by your post about figuring out how to have more fun that actually is fun (okay, I know that expanding your social life isn't all about fun, but that's gotta be a big chunk of it, right?). Anyway, so Late Fun is not fun for you, but Morning Fun is--good to know! I hope you continue to have Morning Fun adventures! (At least when you're hanging out with secondary school teachers, you know they're used to getting up early.)

What an edifying weekend! I'm totally with you about both deciding to get out and do fun things but knowing (and setting boundaries) about what will be fun. I think of the example of my mother, who, when she had to pull herself out of a really tough time in her life, decided 1) to say yes to every invitation that came her way, as long as it 2) didn't interfere with naptime. As a result, she's built a rich social life with a new group of friends who share her biorhythms :-)

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