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January 01, 2010


Reaching out sounds like a lovely goal. When I think about it, reaching out has been kind of an unconscious theme of past year of mine. I took steps to get more involved in my school community and the school where my girls attend, and each step I took resulted in many more doors opening to me. I often felt overwhelmed by all that ended up in my lap, but it was a nice problem to have.

This school year is my third at my school, and the first that I feel like I have made friends there-- not just work-friends, but some actual friends. It's a tough balance to strike, I think. There are justifiable reasons for thinking that your work persona and your "real" persona are separate , but then you end up spending so much of your life with people you don't think of as friends, and how healthy is that?

Best of luck to you in all of your reaching out! I'm so glad I started reading your blog this year :).

I need the suck less and knickers not in a twist goals, too.

Hope you have a very happy New Year!

Thank you What Now for reminding me what makes a good year. Resolutions always seem to revolve around getting more or giving up, not giving more. I resolve to reach out and give more too. Happy New Year!

Speaking of both your spiritual crisis and your sharing of resources goals---have you been to visit Common Cathedral? It's one of my favorite charities, mostly because I have never been so welcomed into worship when visiting a church as I was at CC. [...]


Sorry if that's me being pushy. My goal for the new year is to remember my lunch. Yup, you plan to let go and I plan to remember my lunch.

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