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January 31, 2010


Just finished writing a post about time management, basically, and what catnip to come here and see photos of your fabulous sticker chart! Now I want one, too (though the phone app will probably fulfill a lot of the same needs). Interesting to learn more about your own work patterns; you probably knew that you were extra busy TTh, but now that you have the evidence, you can adapt--very cool.

Your calendar is just so darn cute I can't stand it. And I can see how it would be helpful--if you feel like you haven't been paying enough attention to your finances, you have the evidence right in front of you that you've been keeping up with them!

I want a sticker chart too! Love it!

I'm very late in commenting on this, but I love your sticker system! This reminds me that when I was young enough to like Barbies but old enough to be stroppy, my mom instituted a star-sticker system for things like getting ready for school on time and without a fight, wearing school shoes, brushing teeth, cleaning room, etc., and 50 stars were worth a Barbie!

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