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January 17, 2009


I'm really liking this mantra. I may take it on myself.
Just suck less.

Ooooh, me too! Seems perfect for January. As for exercise, sucking less would have to be a little uptick in activity, don't you think? A 15-minute extra walk?

That is an excellent mantra. And as meansomething notes, it seems perfect for January because every day the year sucks less: marginally light, a little bit closer to spring.

Just gave you an inspiration award at Chez Bloggez Moi!!

What a great post! I'm really amused. And it makes sense, too. That's what I'm kind of aiming for with my new yoga resolution (though in less amusing language): 20 minutes of SOMEthing on my yoga mat per day, even if it's just sort of stretching and lolling about. So I guess that that's one way of translating "suck less" into exercise, eh?

I love this mantra. And the post that went with it.

I think I can finally embrace a mantra/new year's resolution. I'll let you know if I can manage it.

Oh WN, this is brilliant! I too can suck less! Awesome!


I just came here from Dame Eleanor's writing group, and you had me laughing out loud. Thanks for the great mantra.

My exercise version is that I just have to do five minutes of whatever the chosen exercise is (usually I swim), and if I want to quit after 5 minutes, that's completely fine. I haven't quit once yet, but on those cold mornings heading to the pool, it's definitely motivation.

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