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June 08, 2008


W00t! Happy graduation! May you enjoy your well-deserved summer.

Congratulations on your well-deserved sense of accomplishment! What a way to end the year (officially, anyway; I know what you mean about those bits and bobs). Yay!

Hey, you graduated!

(I do love the way that being in academia gives us such a lovely, cyclical sense of beginnings and endings as a way of framing our lives--I don't know what regular people do without it!)

Enjoy the summer--

way to go! what cool traditions your girls/ladies have! our very traditional grad isn't till next monday. (which means i have a week to get those research papers done...among other things.) congrats on the good review. i wouldn't have expected anything less.

Not that many people in any field of human endeavor get raves such as that -- and especially not in teaching, I suspect. (especially if we rule out of consideration endorsements (of others) that are nothing but arrant claptrap). Your review constitutes a very significant distinction, an achievement that sets you at a high level in your vocation.

They’re sending you a message, WN!

Congratulations on your fabulous review! I knew they'd love you.

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