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May 29, 2008


Congratulations on the good stuff--and sorry about the dental trauma. Being unique in the dentist's chair is not the kind of fame anyone needs!

Congratulations on A and B. Commiseration on C -- I have a weird mouth that's gotten me into all sorts of annoyances so I understand being under scrutiny in the dentist's office (and how uncomfortable that is). The valium should help for your next visit.

Holy cats! The woman's on fire! Big congrats on A & B, but I'm so sorry about C. I had a tooth re-absorb itself when I was just Medieval Girl. It was weird and they kinda shrugged it off. I hope yours goes okay tomorrow - Capt. Valuim to the rescue!

Hip hurray for publications and valium. Valium really works for me with dental procedures (although the first time I took it, I was kind of panicking in a spacey kind of way, saying to POlitica, "I don't feel any different. Something is wrong!" except I couldn't actually get worked up. and the procedure went swimmingly.) So here's hoping for a better experience in the chair next time (and maybe D. could come with you so you don't have to drive home alone?)

The publication/job news is awesome!

Yay! Congrats about the summer job and the article! Hope things go okay with the tooth.

Wow - you ARE awesome! Huge congratulations on A and B. Huge commiserations and well-wishes on C!

Excellent on 2 out of 3! And, um, I hope the whole Being A Super-Gum Special Exhibit doesn't last much longer :-)

You DO rock! Congratulations on your publication and on the nifty summer gig! I hope that by the end of today you will have an unextraordinary mouth and that you'll be able to reward yourself handsomely for enduring the dental ordeal. Will be thinking of you today!

One thing to remember is that the numbing agent they use (which usually isn't Novocain, but a sister drug these days) has a stimulant in it which can increase anxiety and panic. I forget what it's called, but it's definitely a factor for some people who get very anxious. I am terrified of the dentist because of some bad experiences and it helped me to learn about the drugs they were using and how they might contribute to my already enormous anxiety. Valium is a godsend, too. Good luck!

Yay for drugs at the dentist. Here's a funky question about your dental dramas--are you part native american by any chance? i have all sorts of dental oddities going on (nothing's in the right place...'I've never seen THAT before', etc.) and then dentist asked if I was indian. I said only a quarter, and voila! many mysteries solved.

Many congrats on all the other good stuff!!!

Hey, maybe your mouth will end up as some kind of case they want to write up for a dental journal. Then, not only are you the author of some awesome stuff that gets published, but you're the SUBJECT of it, too!

That said, good luck at the dentist. Enjoy the valium.

congratulations on A & B and I hope C is done and over with tomorrow. Good luck.

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