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May 31, 2008


Squee! that is the cutest thing ever. Are those little purple frosting hearts? Or jellybeans? It's hard to tell.

I'm sorry that your dental drama is not yet over, but it does sound as though things are under control and that you can be confident it will all work out well!

The cake is darling! I'm really glad that the new job is working out so well. And that you're feeling better about the scary dental drama--it'll all be over and okay soon.

Yay for English class cake!

I hope the dentist drama is over soon.

I'm sorry that the dental drama isn't over. I've had oral surgery (gum work and doing a bit of something on the bone). The one thing that I learned is that if you need more painkillers during recovery, ask. I got enough for two or three days and I really need one or two days more than that to deal with the discomfort.

Your process will likely be a lot easier (not involving the bone) but just keep that in mind because when I complained, three months later at my next check-up, the dentist said that a phone call would've gotten me more of the good stuff.

That cake is killer-cute!! Oh my god!

I wish you such good luck with the next dental appointments. You sound beautifully zen about it, though.

what a GREAT cake! how cool is that?! how cool are your kids?! at least there was *something* to balance out the terror of the week. hang in there.

A dental tip for what it is worth: If you are still having an elevated HR you can ask for novocaine with no epinephrine in it, since epi increases heart rate and feelings of anxiety. I've had no epi for years (ever since novocaine for a non-dental procedure made me feel like I was going to jump out of my skin if you know what I mean). It takes a little more novocaine but it has still been worth it for me. It might be worth asking your dentist.

I hope the dental drama is resolved quickly!

Yay English teacher! Don't you just love, love, love kids? And hey, don't I know you? Just found you again through concretegodmother. Prayers for the gums and the nerves. Ow!

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