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May 30, 2006


The number of times I've forgotten the power cord... well, I won't give the exact number, but it does me no credit. I now keep the box to my replacement power cord in the travel box, so that I'm reminded to grab it whenever I take a trip.

I used to work at a community college with its own small flock of peacocks. One day, one of the peahens came into the office and stood in the door, refusing to let me leave. I had to call Campus Security to come and net the accursed bird and let me out.

Wow, I'm glad the accident didn't happen! So scary!

Writing a paper is a vacation?

So glad the accident didn't happen--what a weird coincidence that was!

Enjoy your vacation!

Have a great vacation!!

Oh, and did you find a "universal" power cord? This is something I'd be interested in knowing about as I'm always forgetting my damn power cord!

Go easy on yourself and enjoy the pool. After the year you've had, you get a couple days of not feeling guilty about the Book, or anything else, eh?

Have much fun, and I will be in touch when I'm ready to host fabulous friends! I also have a pool!

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